Location: Pisco Elqui, 107 kms from La Serena.

By bus:
From Terminal de La Serena: Take bus (only Via Elqui) with destination to Pisco Elqui.
From Plaza de Abasto: Take any bus with destination to Pisco Elqui.
Tariff Chilean Pesos: about CLP 3.500 depends on season.
There are also shared taxis (colectivos) from La Serena (Calle Domeyko) to Vicuña ($ 2.000; is quicker).
Travel time by bus: about 2:30 hours.

From Terminal de Vicuña: Take bus with destination to Pisco Elqui.
Tariff: Chilean Pesos: about CLP 2.000

By Car:
Last gas station: Rivadavia (25 minutes from Pisco Elqui)

From Santiago take "ruta 5" north  till La Serena, then take ruta 41 to the Elqui Valley. After Rivadavia turn right and take ruta 485 destination Pisco Elqui.
Travel time from Santiago: 6-7 hours.
Travel time from La Serena: 1:30 hours.


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