House Rules

Dear Friend:
With your stay here you begin to experience a natural ambience, flora and fauna.
Please be aware and respectful with creating noise and responsible with your waste.

We like to inform you about our house rules in order to offer you a good service and share this beautiful place with you.

  •  At arrival please register at reception with your ID card or passport.
  • One registered you will receive an ID-bracelet. Using it is obligatory.
  • Please respect our flora. It is not allowed to move branches, sticks, trunks or pick flowers.
  • Please take care of the installations at your campsite and the common areas: bathrooms, kitchen, hammocks etc.; you are responsible for damages caused by you.
  • Take care of the place and keep it clean.
  • Please respect the silence and the natural environment. Avoid acustic contamination. The use of car radios, music equipment or big speakers is not allowed at any time; neither is the use of electric generators allowed.
    At your campsite you may listen to music using small speakers and modest volume. Musical instruments are allowed if this does not disturb other guests. Drums are not allowed.
  • Please avoid the contamination of the water (river, canal, springs). If you want to clean dishes or do laundry please use the laundry facilities in the bathrooms.
  • For safety reasons - especially for kids - it is forbidden to use boats or inflatable mattresses. It is obligatory to use water wings (swimmies) for children under 5.
  • All cars entering have to respect the maximum velocity of 15 kms/hr.
  • It is very important to us to support our clean skies by avoiding light contamination. Please do not use lights which could disturb other clients. It is not allowed to get electric power from the bathrooms using cables. We recommend using pocket lamps, head lights or candles.
  • For safety reasons: Campfires are only allowed in the designated areas. Please act with caution and extinguish the fire completely afterwards.
  • Follow instructions of guards and staff.
  • If you do not behave according to these rules, we will inform authorities. In this case your will be asked to leave immediately without any recompensation.